Left Coast Network

Left Coast Network is COMING SOON.

Committed to nonviolent, civil resistance / disobedience as an a tactical approach

Being present for building a future, while devoted to truth about the past and practicing reconciliation. In essence, practicing the golden rule and treating everyone with grace and humility. There are no enemies. People can and do change.

Practicing strategic action - taking actions which are effective and empowering

Devoted to a long-term approach for a future that is optimistic and inclusive

Everyone is a citizen and a human being and has a responsibility and a right to take the lead in making a better country and a better world.

Devoted to popular democracy, in which politics is driven by the People. Political and social change is much more long-lasting and resilient when it is driven by mass political and social movements. For instance, there was a movement for marriage equality but it faded away. Now the Supreme Court could overturn it. It would have been much better had this movement continued.

Devoted to fundamentally solving problems / challenges. In essence, tacking a problem head-on in a focused manner. If one of our goals is to decarbonize our society, then determine what we need to do collectively to accomplish that task. Period. If we want to solve economic inequality, then determine what we need to do to accomplish that task.

Acknowledge that changing our country and creating a better world is a long-term project.

Decarbonizing our society, solving economic inequality, defending and expanding Rights, fundamentally reforming America’s system of government so it is imbued with Democracy, and changing our relationship to the natural world so we solve the biodiversity and extinction crisis.

Defending and expanding Rights such as women's’ reproductive rights and marriage equality / same-sex marriage. For instance, one think of same-sex marriage as a Right regardless of what the Supreme Court says or what our government’s laws. It should have been acknowledged as a Right decades ago. And it is not a Right that can taken away.

Devoted to fundamentally changing the Constitutional structures of America’s government. For instance abolishing the Electoral College and making Congressional representation small d, democratic. There will be partial victories and major set backs, but we must keep our “Eyes on the Prize.”

Focusing on solutions and our project for a better world. It is easy to be cynical and focus on all the “bad stuff” that other people and other groups are doing. But it is far better to focus on how we can solve the problems and challenges facing us.

We are fighting to win.